Nokia Sensor: A Social Software

Nokia has released 'Nokia Sensor' software, I think, which works on all Nokia phones with Symbian OS 60 series. It is a social software which works using Bluetooth technology, it allows you to find people around you. Some of them might become your friends.
You can create a small homepage(folio) with your photo, your introduction & some more information about you. You can also share media(files). You can also add someone as your buddy, you get an alert when buddy is around you.
If you find a someone around you, you can see her folio, download the files shared by her, leave guest book entry in her folio etc etc.
Indeed, pretty cool stuff. This is new kind of application, this is going to change the way we meet people. Rishi, a geek friend & collegue, and I were discussing similar idea some two-three months back. And I am really happy that Nokia worked on it and released Sensor. Today again, we were discussing this and we realized how this going to change things if it is linked with orkut like people networks.
How dating would become easy, how easily we would meet a person sitting near us in a cafe or movie hall :). But for that, people should download and start using it. Today while watching a movie in a cinema hall, I could find some ten people with Bluetooth enabled Nokia sets, but none of them was using Nokia Sensor. May be it would take sometime for word to spread around.
Check it out yourself, look at the flash demo there. Download page.