Where am I? No posts..

I am still around but little busy and nothing interesting to write.That's reason, I am not posting these days. I haven't been very regular in past but I am thinking to post as often as I can.
Here are some interesting links. JD posted this link on his blog, this is very good example of Inverse Kinematics(IK) in Flash. I remember, wireframe guys made the first known IK example in Macromedia Flash long time back.
Grant Skinner also posted some examples on his blog:-

Another site which I always liked is, BIT-101 experiments. Keith Peter has been posting his experiments(in Flash, Java & Processing) regularly.
I have always been interested in Maths/Physics based stuff because these were my favourite subjects. That's the reason, I love to see(or develop) such experiments in form of games, simulations etc.
Link Summery: