Macromedia Flash Player team

Just got this picture of Flash Player team in San Francisco via Eric's blog. I thought of putting it here.
Update: Added picture of Flash Player team in Bangalore.

Team in San Francisco office:

I don't remember the name of everyone in SF team. But I can see Gary Grossman, Waleed Anbar, Jeniffer Chang, Edwin Wong, Tinic Uro with everyone else. I guess, Vera Fleischer and some more people missing from above picture.

Team in Bangalore office:

Front row, left to right:
Vidya Murthy - Director of Engineering
Supriya Rao - Engineer
Nehal Gandhi - Engineer
Back row, left to right:-
Pranav Verma - Engineer
Ichanahalli Nagendra - Sr. Director of Engineering
Gagneet Singh - Engineer
Suketu Vyas - Engineer
Murali Nidugala - Engineer
Girish Nayak - Engineer
We are still missing one team member(Sushant Dutta), I will post the updated pic later.
Macromedia Flash Player 8 is result of a great team effort, hard work and dedication. I must say everyone in team is very-very passionate about Flash. That's why, late nights and weekends were part of their work hours.
As a part of Flash/Flex community and Macromedia, I would like to thank entire Macromedia Flash Player Team.
Check out Macromedia Flash Player 8 Beta.