Interakt Online - Dreamweaver extensions company

This post is not about Macromedia Flash/Flex. It is about a company whose products have helped me in past. And I want to thank the folks behind it by spreading few words about them, which they deserve.
Interakt Online is a company that has been making some great Macromedia Dreamweaver extensions and some useful tools for long time.
I know about their products since 2001, when I wanted to work with PHP in Macromedia Dreamweaver Ultradev.
JFYI! Macromedia Dreamweaver Ultradev was a product that allowed you to build dynamic-database-driven websites. It had all features of Dreamweaver plus some server models(ASP, JSP, CFM). But it didn't have support for PHP in it's early releases, if I remember correctly.
I was very impressed by their work at that time. I have recently met some folks from this company during MAX 2005. And I amd more impressed this time, to see how they have grown(in product range, in team-size etc) during these years and have more cool products.
I just watched the featured interview of Alexandru Costin on Alexandru is talking about the company, how it has grown during last few years and what they are doing in future.
If you are working on a web-application using Macromedia Dreamweaver, you should look at Interakt Online products once, you would probably find something which could save your time.