One more day in San Francisco

I am leaving for India tomorrow night. In last two weeks, I really enjoyed my stay in SF and great time in MAX. I learnt so many things, not only technically but also other general things.
I hope to blog my experience for this entire trip including MAX. I have already drafted the post but I am still finding better words to express things properly. You know, how good I am with English :-)
I will be on vacation during first three weeks of November. I am planning to use this time to get good command over ActionScript 3, Flex framework internals. I would also create some applications in Macromedia Flex 2/AS3/other-technologies, of-course using Macromedia FlexBuilder 2.
As a programmer, I can be more expressive with ActionScript 3 and Macromedia Flash Player 8.5. Thanks to Macromedia Flash Player team for their hardwork, they have done awesome job.