My blog is back

My blog was down for couple of days because I was moving it to new server. Then it took sometime to configure it. I was using Berkeley file-based database in previous installation; I realized that it didn't work on this new server because the directory path was different.
Thanks God, I had exported all entries as html page before moving to new server. That's how I am able to import all old entries with all approved-comments. Entry orders have changed which means all people who were linking to my blog-posts would find that links are broken. I am sorry about that :(
I also noticed that my all old posts re-appearing on MXNA, so I want to apologies for that. I have no idea how it happened. I have not pinged to MXNA, may be MXNA found these entries new and pulled.
I am planning to put new template on my blog with links of all other blogs(I follow).