Good move by Adobe: Free Flex Framework SDK and Flex Enterprise Services

I am bit late to blog about the announcement that Adobe has made about free Adobe Flex framework SDK and FES . But I wanted to express what I feel about this announcement.
I think, this is another great move by Adobe after labs announcement.

  • It would make many more developers to join the gang of Flex developers.
  • It would hopefully take down some traffic on flexcoders. And people would now ask better/non-repeat/tough questions.
  • It would help Flex developers to come up with great components/applications based on Flex framework.
  • It would certainly make Adobe more respectable among Open-Source community. I know, this announcement is not about making code Open-Source but people, who like to dig into source code, would love this announcement.
  • It would allow developers to learn about different patterns and techniques used to make this awesome framework/ui-toolkit.
  • Developers would be able to suggest better techniques/algorithm. It would help Adobe to make Flex framework more stable and mature.

I think, there would be some limitations in free FES, you can read details on Mark Anders’ blog.