Things I want to see in Adobe Apollo

Lots of talk going on Apollo. I have kept quite because I had not seen Apollo except in MAX-2005 but today I saw screenshots on Ryan’s blog. And I commented on his blog, I would like to see following things in Apollo:-

  • Cross platform and works on Mobile devices
  • Plugin architecture (That allows to execute natives DLLs with better platform detection APIs. A SDK would help)
  • Light weight (takes less memory and core-binary size is very smaller)
  • Better APIs for synchronization between offline/online apps (Nice wrappers around SharedObject, LocalConnection etc)
  • Access to OS level API with strong security sandbox
  • (X)HTML/CSS2/JavaScript support that comply with W3C and ECMA standards. This would allow you to deploy hybrid apps offline.
  • Backward compablity so that I can port existing (Flex 1.5, Flash Player 7/8) applications for Apollo.
  • Database connectors with ActionScript API, that would allow applications to connect DB directly without using middle layer.