Loading JavaScript file(s) using HTTPService/URLLoader

In my last post, I talked about JavaScript Flex 2 component that can inject Javascript code in HTML wrapper's context. I experimented to see, if we can load Javascript files (.js) using HTTPService (or flash.net.URLLoader) in Flex2/AS3 projects and inject it.

Example Flex 2.0 code:

import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
import mx.events.*;
import mx.rpc.events.*;
import mx.rpc.http.HTTPService;
import com.abdulqabiz.utils.JavaScript;
private var javascript:JavaScript;
private var service:HTTPService;
private function onAppInit ():void
service = new HTTPService ();
service.url = "test.js";
service.useProxy = false;
service.resultFormat = "text";
service.addEventListener ("result", injectJavaScript);
service.send ();
private function injectJavaScript (event:ResultEvent):void
javascript = new JavaScript ();
javascript.source = String(event.result);
trace ("javascript injected: " + event.result);
private function invokeSayHelloWorld ():void
ExternalInterface.call ("sayHelloWorld");
private function invokeSaySomething (str:String):void
ExternalInterface.call ("saySomething", str);

Test.js used in example:

var myName = "Abdul Qabiz";
function saySomething (str)
alert (str);
function sayHelloWorld ()
alert ("Hello World!");

You would need JavaScript.as (with proper package directory structure) and test.js (code posted above) in place to make above example to work.
I am thinking to load FABridge using this approach. I know, it's practically of no use except keeping code and logic at one place.