YouTube – new features

YouTube has added some new features, which are:-

  • Quick Capture – You can now record video using your webcam. Mike Downey has already confirmed that FMS is being used for the same.
  • Mobile upload –  You can create multiple profiles for different mobile-devices and you get different email-id for each profile. You can email videos from your mobile-devices to these email-ids, simple if you want to upload small video clips. I don’t have enough patience to upload large videos from mobile. But this feature indeed is cool.
  • Channel customization
    • You can customize the theme (color, text color etc) of your video channel pages.
    •  You can have custom channel URL, if it’s not taken by someone else 🙂
  • Playlists management –  You can now also create, edit and do playlist management. Seems, you can play entire playlist, I noticed each video in playlist loads in different page, I would expect it plays in same instance of player.
  • Groups – Again, this is something new I noticed. You can now create group or join a group. You can have custom URL and tags associated with the groups you create.
  • TestTube – You can check out this section to find out new features that are still under-development. I came to know about “Streams” which would allow users to interact with each other while watching same videos. Interaction happens through Flash based chat client.

This list is not complete, these are just my observation, I thought to list down here. Check out YouTube in it’s new avatar..