Wanna build something like YouTube?

I just came to know of TekMedia, a product by Tekriti. Tekriti is a India based startup which was founded by some young entrepreneurs(Ashish, Gaurav and Manish).

Tekmedia seems to have following (or more) capabilities:-

  • Media transcoding engine – video/audio conversion to flv/mp3 or may be other formats, metadata extraction, thumbnail-generation etc.
  • Social-networking engine – sharing, rating, commenting etc.
  • Syndication engine – support for blogging, MRSS/RSS feed generation etc.
  • Search engine – supports video/audio searching by tag, title, id3 etc.

These are a few things I noticed by reading their product page. I have not used this product but it seems to solve lots of problems you face while building something like YouTube –  a video-sharing website.

I don’t have any information for licensing or source-code-availability. I would expect to get source-code so that I can modify it, if required. Though, I would not mind sharing any changes made by me with Tekriti. I might get a good deal and save initial investment 🙂

Note: I am not associated with Tekriti, I just felt like writing about TekMedia.

Update: I would soon write, how to build the same using available open-source technology stack. I am not sure when but hopefully in coming months.