Open Source Flash Player – My thoughts

I read most of posts on this subject but specifically responded to Ted Leung’s post. I am posting my thoughts here for wider audience, so content is slightly changed to address general audience rather than one person.

My question to those who want to see open-source implementation of Flash Player, can they mention some points, which would allow them to do things better if Flash Player would have been open-source?

Anyway, coming back to the subject. I like FSF and Open-Source philosophy, a promoter now. Though, I used to have different thoughts in past. I am always excited to see projects which provide different (free as in beer or freedom) options..

I have been watching Gnash closely. I wonder, how it would make my life better. I can imagine a few good things:-

  • port it to different devices without requiring any license from Adobe?
  • use it in 3D game as texture-renderer
  • use it as desktop-renderer for SWF
  • use it on a platform (FreeBSD) where Adobe Flash Player is not supported?

Some concerns:-

  • an open-source project tends to be forked at sometime, I am not an expert but I have seen some examples.
  • which leads to multiple implementation
  • which would make my life harder, I would be required to think of all these platforms while writing my apps, adds more to testing etc.

Hence, I hope, Gnash is completed and I also wish it doesn’t compete with Adobe Flash Player in area where Adobe Flash Player already works, specially as a browser-plugin for all supported platforms.

I think, Adobe is more serious about different platforms than Macromedia was, may be Macromedia was smaller in size. I am hopeful and expect better things in coming future. Adobe is committed to do things and if they make some money by selling tools, I don’t mind that.

Adobe has different ways (email, prerelease programs, forums, blogs, user-groups etc) to take community feedback and it would be great if everyone can help can help Adobe to come up with features, we would like to see.

BTW! Developers are not required to buy tools. I use VIM and Flex2 SDK to develop applications.