Summary of Flex India meeting in Bangalore

We had meeting with John Koch[1] and Flex developers in Bangalore, it went well. It was good to meet developers from different companies (SAP, Adobe, Student etc)/startups (Mogulus, Sunguard) and learn what they are doing, what kind of problems they face etc. It was great to meet some folks (Mrinal, Mogulus guys et al) whom I have been talking to over email/IM.

John Koch talked about different efforts within Adobe for globalization, documentation localization, community development and his experiences with communities in China and Korea. He also shared his vision for Indian Flex/Apollo community and different community programs he is working on.

Earlier to that, John Koch, Manish Jethani and I met for lunch-dinner on Saturday. We talked, around 5-6 hours, on variety of things ranging from Indian culture, Flex/Apollo, community, open-source/FSF, development culture in India and different Adobe community programs for India and South Asia.

BTW! We might be having a website that would aggregate content from local resources (blogs, mailing-lists, job-posts etc) as well as existing resources (flexcoders, flex_india, mxna, apollocoders, dev-net and different blogs). There is no intention to fork knowledge-bases. However, if there are strong reasons (languages, regional etc), there could be separate mailing-list/website.

I believe in having one central place for knowledge-sharing, we already have in form of flexcoders and apollocoders; flex_india is there for announcements, networking and some small discussions. I suggest everyone to use flexcoders for any technical discussion, most probably you would find answers in archives already.

We might be setting up for such things. I would post more details about it in later posts, we would surely need your help, please let us(flex_india) know if you want to volunteer.

[1] Adobe Developer Relation Manager of Asia

Update: I missed mentioning Mrinal's post about meeting. Thanks to Mrinal for helping out with Venue arrangement.