Apollo Camp summary

Adobe San Francisco office had a large crowd of around 300+ attending Apollo camp. It was good scene, people hanging around in different corners, talking, hacking, networking, having beer and playing WII. It reminded me of Macromedia MAX 2005 but it was more fun at Apollo camp.
Adobe gave away a free license of FlexBuilder 2 with Flex 2 charting to everyone who attended Apollo Camp. It solved my problem, I couldn't buy FlexBuilder 2 from Adobe India store, I don't have to anymore :-)
It was good experience to be at Apollo Camp. It's always nice to meet people I know through blogs/forums or have been talking online. I met Ted Patrick, Ryan Stewart, Renaun, Clint Modien, Chuck Freedman, Josh Tynjala, LordAlex, Justin et al for first time. Once again, I met JD and Andrew Spaulding, it's nice to meet them.
It was nice to meet ex-teammates from macromedia/adobe. I took this opportunity to convey message to Ely that developers in India are big fan of him and want him to come down to India. He said, he is thinking about it :)
I started feeling sleepy because of Jet lag and got lazy, couldn't click many photographs and also missed meeting/talking many people, one of them is Niall Kennedy, I didn't know if he would be around. He doesn't know me but I am a regular reader of his blog on syndication and standards(rss/atom/microformats).
In particular, I liked FineTune deskop, yourminis and Flash/Flex-Java communication demos. Check out what everyone is talking about Apollo camp.
Apollo Alpha 1 would be on labs very soon, that means we would get to see more cool applications being done once it's out.
Thanks Ted for helping me, without your help I could not attend pre-Apollo-camp session and Apollo camp. It was nice meeting you in person.