Creating Passionate Users – Reverse engineering passion

I watched the video-recording (101 MB .ogg file) of Kathy Sierra‘s talk from LCA ’07. It’s really good and I learnt many things, which would surely me in getting better at things (building software/products or communities).

Thanks to Gopal for sharing the link.

I noted a few things (points, quotes, words etc etc).

Some of the attributes of passionate users:

  • Evangelize
  • Learn
  • Spend Money
  • Spend time
  • Connect with others
  • Show off / take pride (tshirts, bags etc)
  • Elevate the meaning

Some quotes/sentences used in the talk:

  • Where there is passion, there is a user kicking ass.
  • It’s not about the tools you build, it’s about what your users do with the them.
  • Being better is better.
  • Being better is higher-resolution experience.
  • Make right things easy and wrong things hard.
  • Suck threshold vs Passion threshold.

Some screenshots of video can be seen at: