Dekoh vs Apollo: Marketing strategy?

What is Dekoh?

Directly from Dekoh website:-

Pramati announces Dekoh, a new desktop platform for applications that can deliver integrated experience of web and desktop

I know the company (Pramati Technologies) for some time (through some ex-colleagues at Adobe who came from this company in 2004).

I know these guys have been doing good in Java/J2EE community and contributing in some of the specifications. I respect them for that.

Lately, some of the posts (listed below), from Dekoh guys, sounds like a marketing strategy, where they are trying to get popular by using words like “Adobe”, “Apollo”, “Flash”? 

Some of their posts:-

It’s good idea to create products, come up with new things and give different solutions to developers/end-users. Competition is always good, though in this case I feel Dekoh and Apollo are two different things.

Anyway, I don’t get following points:-

  • How can someone compare things without even understanding or knowing a technology (Adobe Flash/Apollo)?
  • How an engineer from same company starts talking about Apollo-going-Yahoo!-Widget-Engine-way? and sells the idea of Dekoh?
  • How can one company use other company’s marketing effort to get some focus?
  • Why can’t you create your own identity without using other brands in any form (comparison, rant etc) in your marketing/PR agenda? Is Dekoh feeling insecure?

Not only that, I wonder if they have convinced some guys to write about Dekoh vs Apollo story on blogsphere (readwriteweb example, there might be more I don’t know).

I personally don’t like such strategy and didn’t like when Microsoft did something similar in past.

A good product/technology would eventually would be known and used. We need to leave things users/community to decide/use/review/conclude?

I have not seen Dekoh, except screenshots and I don’t remember of having said anything against it. I just feel uncomfortable, when I read such posts.

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