Amazon doesn’t work well for Indian customers

I have been a regular customer of Amazon and have been been buying books and other stuffs for years, even when shipping cost is generally higher than the actual cost of item.

After using their services for more than three years or so, I have decided not to use it anymore unless it’s  the only option. I am now a frustrated customer of Amazon. These are the some reasons:-

  • Items don’t get shipped on time, even when I pay more for shipping.
  • Generally, Amazon doesn’t provide the tracking number that means I can’t track. Amazon actually tries to save money by sending mails through cheaper options (for them), that’s the reason for no tracking-number.
  • Their support emails suck big time. It would say same thing except one-two lines replaced in similar mail-template (draft).
  • Amazon tries to prove that I (customer) might have given a wrong address or I might have been out and courier got returned, blah-blah.

BTW! Amazon has development and support center in India, still they don’t understand how important Indian market can be for them. There is big-big market for programming (IT) books only.

BTW! There are bunch of Indian websites for books:-

These serve the purpose for old books, not for new/latest books. In India, you get books at lower rates because of lower paper-quality. Most of international books are photo-copied/printed, by partners in India, on lower quality papers (which are good sometimes but mostly sucks).

I hope that some other company provides better services (faster and cheaper shipping, I don’t mind paying $$$ for books) to Indian customers.