Mixercast: Mix and Distribute licensed content

Mixercast allows you to use licensed content (audio, video, images etc) in your own content. You can choose audio from MuzeTunes, PumpAudio etc. Video clips from National Geographic etc. And images from GettyImages etc.
Users can not only use these licensed content into their creation (content) but also distribute it (through remixing, embedding over blogs, myspace etc) without bothering about licensing, Mixercast takes care of licensing etc.
Check out the Press Release on Yahoo! Finance
More info on Mixercast blog.
Users can also upload media to Mixercast servers or import/subscribe (via Media RSS) from Flickr, YouTube, MySpace etc. All media items appear in their personal media library which they can use over different sessions for creating different mixercasts. There are some cool widgets, more in future, which can be used to show content in different visual metaphor.
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