Mixercast is Techcrunched

Techcrunch reviewed Mixercast, check it out the post. I don’t prefer Mixercast being projected as Slide-Show player, Mixercast is more than that. I am hopeful, very soon, users would realize the capabilities and use them.

Apart from easy to use Mixercast Wizard, there is powerful designer-tool for more creative users, who prefer more flexible environment. I would list some of those features here:

  • Canvas – where user composes Mixercast by dragging and dropping things from Media Library
  • Media Library – where all users content (imported, uploaded, linked etc) is shown.
  • Media Import tool – imports from Flickr, YouTube, MySpace etc.
  • Webcam capture tool – records video with audio and saves in media library
  • Studio – a place where Mixercast’s partner (MuzeTune, PumpAudio, NatGeo, GettyImages etc) content be select.
  • Widget Library
  • Property palette
  • Widget-specific-property-palette
  • Background settings (color, texture-or-tile, image)
  • Undo/Redo commands
  • Grid, snap-to-grid functionality
  • Many more features

Like any alpha quality product, Mixercast has many known (an unknown?) issues, team is working hard to fix/polish existing stuff (widget UI, interaction etc).

It is always helpful to hear feedback from real users (i.e. you), if you have any feedback, please leave a comment here or send an email to [mail at abdulqabiz.com]. I promise, I would try my best to work on feedback and make sure things get better.

If you have not yet checked out Mixercast, please check it out.

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