Yahoo! Go 1.X is discontinued

I got an email yesterday, Yahoo! Go 1.x would be discontinued tonight i.e. August 27, 2007 midnight. I am suggested to upgrade to Yahoo! Go 2.0, which unfortunately doesn’t work on any of Nokia S60 second-edition phones. I am suggested to use mobile-browser to access services provided by Yahoo! Go 1.x. Well I think, that’s not going to help because:-

  • I loved the way Yahoo! Go seamlessly integrates with phone and delivers mails/messages to Phone’s inbox.
  • I loved Yahoo! Messenger in Yahoo! Go 1.x
  • I loved the Yahoo! Calendar integration with Phone’s calendar.

I think, I liked the seamless integration.

My brother told me that Yahoo! Go 2.0 on Nokia N95 (or S60 third-edition) doesn’t come with Yahoo! messenger, that’s not good? Why it’s missing from new version (Yahoo! Go 2.0)? Is it because of some business-deal (BlackBerry etc)?

I think, taking away an important feature in new version of software/hardware or lack of backward compatibility would upset users. Backward compatibility is important.

I am upset because Yahoo! Go 1.x would stop working on my phone, I don’t know why? It’s alright to release new version but that shouldn’t force existing users to upgrade or not being able to use existing (installed) software.

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