Is Apple better than Microsoft?

Let's accept the fact Apple products have better user-interface and are more innovative. Let's assume Microsoft is not superior in those areas. I love the fact Mac OSX is based on Unix and I find some of important tools as part of Mac OSX, on windows you need Cygwin or something similar.

Let's think as an user/developer and try to answer some questions? I am going to put down some questions about Apple, I don't need to raise questions about Microsoft because everyone seems be asking for it quite long.

Is Apple better than Microsoft? Why does everyone say so?

Apple has closed platforms too. I am not even sure, if Apple has any or many pre-release programs (alpha/beta etc) to get user/developer's feedback ?

Apple releases developer tools, if they feel not because developers want?

Why is Apple TV not open yet to be extended i.e. no SDK/tool? Why am I so dependent on Apple software-update for new features? Why I can't install tools/extensions done by amazing hackers/developers without hacking the Apple TV box?

Why do we have to hack/crack Apple stuff all the time? Why are other Apple platforms (iPod or others) so closed, oh yeah exception,iPhone SDK is coming up?

Why do I need to use Apple aiport-utility to manage Airport extreme (or other similar products)? Why can't I use web-browser just like I do for other routers (netgear, linksys etc)?

Why does Apple threaten to sue bloggers and shut down a site?

Microsoft is, most of the time, talked in a bad way over the blogsphere/slashdot, probably more than hundred times everyday, however, they keep working on to make users/developers happy? AFAIK, they involve developers/users even before they start working on products?

Microsoft Windows has been more backward compatible, which Apple doesn't even bother to think of?

Everyone cribs that Microsoft keeps coming with new version of Windows and forces us to upgrade, well isn't that true about Apple products?

I feel bad that Apple has launched Time Capsule to complement Time Machine in Leopard? Why didn't they add the feature (storage) in their original Airport Extreme last year, I am sure they could have done that?

It's all business tactics/strategies and Apple is not doing it differently. Then why special love to Apple?. Why not Microsoft, even when they are more kind and flexible than Apple?

I guess, Microsoft has been victim of anti-proprietary propaganda. Apple has not been to that extent. In my opinion, Apple is not better than Microsoft.

I am trying to figure out why I fell for Apple's expensive products, perhaps for user-interface, form-factor, rare-commodity, luxury-that-makes-you-feel-different etc? Whatever, I was expecting things to be much better.

BTW! These questions would be heard more because a lot more people are using Apple products now and I hope, I am not the only one who feels this way. With growth comes responsibility, Apple would have to change the way they do things now. Apple can not deny some of these needs of users and developers?

Like everyone, a good user-interface and innovative products/features matter to me, however, I am bothered by above things everyday, hence I am trying to figure out the answers.

Anyway, everyone seems to love Apple.

It seems, I get into ranting-mode during nights, it's happening lately, redbull is not helping ;-)

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