Flex India community grows more

Mrinal posted about the (1000+) numbers, that is, number of members in Flex India community (flex-india). It’s really nice to see how number has grown, it surely validates that a lot more companies are using Adobe RIA technologies (Flex/Flash/AIR).
Not very long back, almost same time last year, we started discussing how to build Flex/Flash/AIR ecosystem in India. Though figures are encouraging, I feel, we still have a long way to go. Following are things, I would personally like to see and do:-

  • More participation internationally (via flexcoders, blogs, etc)
  • More code contribution (components, libraries, etc)
  • More innovation (quality discussions, product development, etc)

We know that, most of us (Indian developers) are driven by client’s requirement, which means most of the Indian companies are using Adobe RIA technologies because that’s a requirement. What I would like to see, more proactive approach towards technology adoption, once that happens, the vision (above points) would come true.
I am sure, it would happen, I have been optimistic. I would try to my bits my way 🙂
Congratulations to everyone for achieving this milestone and all the best for future.
Some of my blogs on Indian Flex/AIR community:-

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