Don't go dark - share your code as often as you can

I found some interesting reads via Hacker News.

I thought to put some sentences, which I understood from these posts:-

Doing all of these would increase collaboration, better quality of code and understanding of requirements. All these things are good, so why not do it?
We all go through whatever has been said in those posts, where we feel like finishing/cleaning-up something before we could share, but soon or later we realize the importance of code-reviews.
For last many years, wherever I have worked, I have subscribed to all notifications lists for repositories (SVN, Perforce, etc) as well as development lists. This way, I could see what my peers are doing, which allowed me to learn more about the projects/products and also made me offer my two-cents wherever I could. I also expected to get reviews on my work, which I got a lot of times, and believe me it always helped me write better code resulting in better product.
In the end, a quote from the post (the first link above): You are not your code.