Macromedia Flash Player team

Just got this picture of Flash Player team in San Francisco via Eric's blog. I thought of putting it here.
Update: Added picture of Flash Player team in Bangalore.

Team in San Francisco office:

I don't remember the name of everyone in SF team. But I can see Gary Grossman, Waleed Anbar, Jeniffer Chang, Edwin Wong, Tinic Uro with everyone else. I guess, Vera Fleischer and some more people missing from above picture.

Team in Bangalore office:

Front row, left to right:
Vidya Murthy - Director of Engineering
Supriya Rao - Engineer
Nehal Gandhi - Engineer
Back row, left to right:-
Pranav Verma - Engineer
Ichanahalli Nagendra - Sr. Director of Engineering
Gagneet Singh - Engineer
Suketu Vyas - Engineer
Murali Nidugala - Engineer
Girish Nayak - Engineer
We are still missing one team member(Sushant Dutta), I will post the updated pic later.
Macromedia Flash Player 8 is result of a great team effort, hard work and dedication. I must say everyone in team is very-very passionate about Flash. That's why, late nights and weekends were part of their work hours.
As a part of Flash/Flex community and Macromedia, I would like to thank entire Macromedia Flash Player Team.
Check out Macromedia Flash Player 8 Beta.

One year old

On August 30, 2005, I completed my first year in Macromedia. I must say it has been great experience being here. When I look back I realize I have learnt so many things.
It feels great to be part of a product team, I was able to contribute something in Macromedia Flex 1.5 release which was a great feeling.
Macromedia is a great place to work with great culture.

Custom Context-Menu in Macromedia Flash Player 8

As you know, there was an issue in Macromedia Flash Player 7 where in custom Context-Menu couldn't be attached on a nested object(MovieClip, Button, TextField). It only worked on object on first(root) level.
This issue has been fixed in Macromedia Flash Player 8 and you can now attach custom Context-Menu in nested objects.
I must tell you before you start asking other questions that in my knowledge this is the only enchancement(bug fix) has been done to custom ContextMenu feature, rest is the same.
If you already have Macromedia Flash Player 8 public beta installed, then you can see this example.
You can download the Macromedia Flash Player 8 public beta from here.

Google Talk: Google's IM Service

There has been rumour that Google is about to start it's IM service. I realized today that it is no more rumour, Google has launched IM/VOIP client "Google Talk".
Download and start using it!
On side note, I want to say that I am not posting anything on my blog oflate because I am bit tied up with work and personal life.
But I always hope that I will soon be back with some useful posts each week :)

Macromedia Schwag Baton

I have been reading similar posts over different blogs and finally decided to put down the list of things I have.
Total Macromedia Schwag in your possession:

  • 3 white t-shirts with Macromedia logo
  • 3 Macromedia watches
  • 3 dark blue MAX 2004 t-shirts
  • 1 cream color MAX 2004 t-shirt
  • 1 light blue central t-shirts
  • 1 goto-and-play t-shirt
  • 1 tween t-shirt
  • 1 Timbuk 2 laptop bag
  • 1 ui component developer card set
  • 1 central developer card set
  • 2 central api posters
  • 1 central usb flash drive
  • 2 old macromedia match boxes
  • 1 Macromedia calculator
  • 2 certified professional badge & certificate
  • 1 NCL Flex server + FlexBuilder cd
  • 1 Macromedia Director + Fireworks 4 NFR cd
  • 1 Macromedia Studio MX 2004 cd (won for my flashclash submission on zdnet India)
  • Other cool stuff which I got as a Macromedia employee and some I don't remember now

Most Unusual Shwag:
Macromedia match boxes
Oldest Macromedia Schwag in your possession:
Three white t-shirts.
Last Macromedia schwag you received:
Flex Server CD (Non-Commercial version)
Schwag you wear/use most often:
Timbuk2 Laptop Bag + Macromedia Watch + Macromedia t-shirts
5 Favorite Macromedia schwag items:

  1. Timbuk2 Laptop Bag
  2. Macromedia Watch
  3. Macromedia t-shirt(cream color)
  4. Central Flash USB Drive
  5. Macromedia match boxes.

Most of them are won in different Macromedia conferences across the India, some are lucky draw prizes, contest prizes and gifts. I have received very few things after joining Macromedia. It is a good feeling to get any Macromedia goodies but it used to be great feeling when I received these for my contributions, answers, efforts. But I am never ashamed of asking Macromedia goodies from Mike Chambers(only entry point for me :) ).
Thanks to Macromedia, Mike Chambers and other Macromedians. It has been more than five years, I have been associated(externally and now internally) with Macromedia, I can proudly say Macromedia is a great company.

Macromedia Flash Player 8 public beta is available

You can get the Macromedia Flash Player 8 public beta from here.
There are lots new features in Flash Player 8.
Install the public beta and run your existing content to make sure all works fine. If you find some of your existing application(s) is breaking, this might be bug in player. So report it to Macromedia guys.
Update: Report bugs at

Where am I? No posts..

I am still around but little busy and nothing interesting to write.That's reason, I am not posting these days. I haven't been very regular in past but I am thinking to post as often as I can.
Here are some interesting links. JD posted this link on his blog, this is very good example of Inverse Kinematics(IK) in Flash. I remember, wireframe guys made the first known IK example in Macromedia Flash long time back.
Grant Skinner also posted some examples on his blog:-

Another site which I always liked is, BIT-101 experiments. Keith Peter has been posting his experiments(in Flash, Java & Processing) regularly.
I have always been interested in Maths/Physics based stuff because these were my favourite subjects. That's the reason, I love to see(or develop) such experiments in form of games, simulations etc.
Link Summery:

Flex Architect required for Macromedia India

Macromedia India is looking for a Software Architect for Macromedia Flex India team. Who will be working as Flex Architect in Macromedia Flex team based in India.
You need to have at least five years of experience. Expert knowledge of OOAD, UI toolkits. If you have already developed UI toolkit frameworks in past, that's going to be advantage.

Software Architect, Flex

6+ (ideally 8-10) years in software engineering
B. Tech (ideally M. Tech) in Computer Science
Expertise in objected oriented development (C++/MFC or Java/Swing)
Experience designing user interfaces
Strong desire to mentor a team of talented engineers
Experience developing in Flash ActionScript or JavaScript/DHTML.
Strong knowledge of web application development tools, technologies, languages (JSP, XML), and trends
Experience architecting UI component frameworks
Experience shipping shrink-wrapped software tools
If you are interested in this position or more details, contact me at following mail ids:
Replace _at_ with @, just trying to protect ids from spammers.

Macromedia Flash Platform - The plans and future

What would be the future of Macromedia Flash Player? What would be the new features?
Macromedia projects Flash Player as a platform. You can find more info about it here.

Macromedia announces Zorn - The Flex application development IDE

Yesterday, Macromedia announced next generation integrated development environment(IDE) code named "Zorn". Zorn would be based on Eclipse platform, which means Zorn would inherit all features of Eclipse plus many custom features specific to Flex applciation development.
Great going Macromedia!
News Link: