FlexBook - amazing Flex component

Ely, an architect in Adobe Flex framework team and charting guru, has created FlexBook - an amazing Flex component. It's not just another page-flip component, it's more than that. It can be used in various ways (as container, application, renderer etc), which means it is very customizable.

I just love the different use-cases shown by FlexBook examples. For example FlexBook’s transparent Anatomy shows how it can be used in eLearning context.

Source code would be there soon, meanwhile it's worth checking out FlexBook samples.

BTW! Ely has been creating some amazing components since he has started blogging. It's really inspiring to see how he manages time to do all this out of his busy schedule, that shows how much he must be enjoying doing things, that shows why Adobe Flex charting components are so cool, I can imagine some 3D charting stuff must be going on there :-)

Open Source Flash Player - My thoughts

I read most of posts on this subject but specifically responded to Ted Leung's post. I am posting my thoughts here for wider audience, so content is slightly changed to address general audience rather than one person.

My question to those who want to see open-source implementation of Flash Player, can they mention some points, which would allow them to do things better if Flash Player would have been open-source?

Anyway, coming back to the subject. I like FSF and Open-Source philosophy, a promoter now. Though, I used to have different thoughts in past. I am always excited to see projects which provide different (free as in beer or freedom) options..

I have been watching Gnash closely. I wonder, how it would make my life better. I can imagine a few good things:-

  • port it to different devices without requiring any license from Adobe?
  • use it in 3D game as texture-renderer
  • use it as desktop-renderer for SWF
  • use it on a platform (FreeBSD) where Adobe Flash Player is not supported?
  • </ul>

    Some concerns:-

    • an open-source project tends to be forked at sometime, I am not an expert but I have seen some examples.
    • which leads to multiple implementation
    • which would make my life harder, I would be required to think of all these platforms while writing my apps, adds more to testing etc.
    • </ul>

      Hence, I hope, Gnash is completed and I also wish it doesn’t compete with Adobe Flash Player in area where Adobe Flash Player already works, specially as a browser-plugin for all supported platforms.

      I think, Adobe is more serious about different platforms than Macromedia was, may be Macromedia was smaller in size. I am hopeful and expect better things in coming future. Adobe is committed to do things and if they make some money by selling tools, I don't mind that.

      Adobe has different ways (email, prerelease programs, forums, blogs, user-groups etc) to take community feedback and it would be great if everyone can help can help Adobe to come up with features, we would like to see.

      BTW! Developers are not required to buy tools. I use VIM and Flex2 SDK to develop applications.

Offtopic: Crazy Frog Bros - funny video

While working on some syndication-stuff, I noticed following video among Google's Top 100 videos. It made me laugh, kids are doing good :)


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Apollo update (features, dates etc)

Mike Chamber just posted about upcoming Apollo alpha release on Adobe Labs.

Kevin Lynch also talked about Apollo in Adobe Engage event. Jeff Barr has posted details about conference and Mind Map (requires FreeMind) of Kevin's session on Apollo. I have converted it to HTML and PNG.


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FlashLite 2.1 Launcher for Series 60 2nd edition

Update:<Feb 28, 07> I fixed a bug which prevented the launcher from exiting. Optimized the code.

Leonardo Risuleo posted another article on how to create a FlashLite 2.1 launcher. I have read his other article on Adobe devnet. Interestingly, I have also been thinking/doing on same thing for last some days.

I have modified his code to work on Series 60 2nd edition (not tested on all). Also added functionality where SWF would be opened after some delay, because FlashLite player takes around 6-7 seconds to show splash-animation.

You can download the source.  You would need Carbide.C++, if you want to compile without doing much.

If you want to test without compiling, copy Twitter App to E:\Others\Opera\  and then install  .sis.

If you are going to build your own launcher, you would need to change following things in "inc\FlashLite21LauncherConstants.h" :

  • SWF file-path 
  • KMaxWaitTime - You might want to adjust the delay after some test. Default is ten seconds.
  • </ul>

    Apart from that, please make sure your project has your unique UID. You can either use from protected range or get one from Symbian. You can register on https://www.symbiansigned.com/ to find more details.

Air Deccan - Review

I wrote about my experiences with Air Deccan (domestic airline in India) in 2005. But that post is still read every day and lots of people share their views through comments. Today, that entry received it's 100th comment.

Comments can really serve as a good review, in this particular case, I can see mixed views (positive and negatives), stories and experience of other folks who used Air Deccan's service.

Read it here.

Twitter and FlashLite

I started working on a FlashLite 2.x application to update Twitter status from phone. I have unlimited data-plan, so I can save money by not sending sms messages.

The application just updates the status message but I am thinking to add support for other Twitter APIs. There are bugs in application (not saving credentials in SharedObject, bad graphics, bad user-interaction (UI, soft-key-mapping). I would post the code later after fixing/cleaning.

Meanwhile, if you are interested you can try running this on your FlashLite 2.x enabled device.

BTW! I have Nokia N90 so I made it for it's screen-size..

Download ZIP 
Download SWF

Back to work

I am back to work. There are so many things to do, I am going to be busy in coming weeks (months).

I just wanted to update, in-case you were wondering where I have been.

Comparison between different client-side-storage (cookies, shared-object etc)

Niall Kennedy has posted interesting article, where he compares client-side-storage of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Adobe Flash Player.
Though, the title of post talks only about AJAX, I still find it useful in general. I thought to post it, you might find it useful.
Check it out.

Time flies

Last year on Jan 31st, I left Adobe (Macromedia). I joined Yahoo! after that and quit Yahoo! too with a wish in mind to take a long break. Break didn't last long, I joined Nanocast and still working here.

When I looked at date today, I realized time flies when you are busy...