Brightcove becomes consumer site

Brightcove has become consumer site. Brightcove has been doing great since it has started. But with this announcement, it would become super cool destination for videos. You can create your own Video channels and believe me it's really easy publishing videos online using Brightcove Console.

Embedding one of videos from Brightcove network, hope you enjoy it :)



Happy Diwali

I wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous Diwali. Enjoy, have fun and please be safe while using crackers.

I am missing my home, friends and the moments from the past. All my friends are home for Diwali/EID and this is probably best time to get together. I am not able to go this year.

I am gonna celebrate both Diwali and EID on the day, we launch...

Enjoy maadi ;)

Adobe Flash Player 9 beta for Linux

Today is a good day because Flash Platform's reach has increased to more operating system. Adobe Flash Player 9 beta for Linux has been made available on Adobe Labs website. Right now, it supports some selected Linux boxes but I have a feeling that it would also work on FreeBSD, Solaris, Debian etc.

I just tested one of our flash-applications, which I would say is very complex and large application. The application worked like anything and I don't see any difference so far but I am sure there would be some assuming the beta-quality of software. Our flash-application surely covers 50-60% areas of Flash Player API and features. I hope to log some bugs and issues.

Thanks to Adobe, Mike Melanson, Tinic Uro and entire team for working hard for this. I am happy, really happy to see how better Flash Platform is getting...

Ugenie - unlock hidden savings

Ugenie is next generation shopping site. A friend of mine from Yahoo! Bangalore joined Ugenie some months back, that's how I got to know about it. But now they have launched but registration/access is by invitation only.

I received an invitation to register at Ugenie. I noticed good user-interface, usable site and like the way it does comparison and present that's good. I would say overall good-experience. I am sure you would also notice once it's open for everyone. Meanwhile, I would keep quite and wait for the day when I can write more.

About Ugenie
Here at Ugenie, we offer shoppers a unique service: finding the best price on either a single item or a customized bundle of items. Our proprietary technology searches through hundreds of merchant sites, factors in discounts and additional charges, and finds you the cheapest price on the exact combination of items you want to buy. You place your order directly from the merchants we find for you, and ugenie never charges you for our services.
We are leading the next generation of online shopping with patent-pending combinatorial algorithms and cutting-edge AJAX technologies. These advanced tools allow ugenie to offer more thorough and relevant results than other shopping comparison sites.
Ugenie is a privately-held company with venture capital funding based in both Silicon Valley, California and Bangalore, India. Members of our advisory board helped create companies like Google, Ensim, VxTreme, and Our engineers are a highly talented bunch with degrees from IITs, Stanford and UIUC who came from companies such as Amazon, Yahoo, Trilogy.

Fullscreen mode coming in Adobe Flash Player 9 update

I just noticed Colin Moock's post and was surprised to see an amazing feature, fullscreen mode in browser/plugin version of Adobe Flash Player 9 in it's coming update.
You can find more info at Colin's blog.

Share your presentations online with Slideshare

Slideshare allows you to share your presentations (PowerPoint, Open-Office etc) online. I would write a detailed review about if I get a chance to see it, it's in beta and requires invitation.
But it has been Techcrunched and some people have already used it. You can find more information on Slideshare blog.
FYI! Jonathan Boutelle (Jon) is behind this idea and his team at Uzanto consulting has done development. As far as UI is considered, I guess Rashmi Sinha and Jon must be involved.
I wish Jon and his team good luck and congratulate for good work.

The Miniature Earth - Youtube Video

I found this interesting video on Youtube. Thought to post it here, since I am not posting anything else these days :)


There are interesting videos in reply of this. You might be interested in those. BTW! This is my first post using Microsoft Live Writer (beta). Just wondering, how better Adobe Contribute is?

Video Blogger In Residency Program

If you are into Video Blogging, you might be interested in this. Check out this video blog post.
Freeman is in same company I work for. Apart from his full time job, Freeman dedicates lots of time in supporting video-blogging, improving education infrastructure in remote villages by having different kind of internet distribution (WIFI etc). He has been sponsoring folks to do video-blogging from different parts of world. I think, he is into many other projects. You can find more at his blog.

Flex 2: CursorPool for cursor management

Someone on Flexcoders asked what is the best practice to manage cursors. I, myself, don't know but I thought something and implemented. As I always say, quick and dirty but can be better. I know, there are lots of things I can do but this is something very basic..
CursorPool class basically let's you register components and kind of cursor you want to show when mouse is over the component. You have to register once and now CursorPool would take care of switching mouse cursor whenever mouse is over different components.
Check out code and demo :)

Update: I have also posted code on JAM, it would appear once Ted approves. You can see it there also.

Filter Lab - Amazing tool

Filter Lab is an amazing tool to create small Flash applications, but you can surely use it smartly to create more complex stuff. I got the link from Mario Klingemann's blog and believe me I am playing with it since I got the link, almost two hours.
I like the editing metaphor and UI interaction. It took me just fifteen minutes to pick up the basics and I created some cool stuff. Like the idea of Visual Programming...
Check it out..