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Adobe MAX 2010

Adobe MAX 2010 is indeed one of the best MAX events, I have noticed. I am probably the last one to write anything about this event, but couldn’t resist; Better late than never.

I am excited about upcoming Flash Player, which would have many things along with 3D API (GPU supported).

Adobe, it’s partners (device companies) and developer-community (pre-release, public) have worked hard to make sure Adobe AIR works smoothly across different devices (pc, mobile, tablet and even a TV).

Everyone has been talking about great stuff in HTML5 and CSS3 for last couple of years; It looks like, Adobe has also been doing a lot of work to bring tools and productivity for HTML5/CSS3 developers.

I am still checking out, what has happened during last two days and what is happening right this moment. However, I found following links very useful. Like me, if you missed being there (at MAX 2010), check out:

BTW! Don’t forget to watch the keynotes, I just finished watching Day-1 keynote (by Kevin Lynch), it’s awesome.

I consider myself as an optimist, I hope, I am going to be there next year ūüôā

How to improve Flash 10.1 and AIR 2.0?

There are many who complain about missing features and existing bugs in Adobe Flash Runtimes – Flash Player and AIR. But some choose to use their energy in improving the platform by using it and providing feedback.

If you believe in bringing the change:

Our feedback matters, as it has always.

As soon as I read, Ted Patrick’s post, I started writing this post. ¬†Please spread the word by writing on your blog and retweating the following text:-

Improve Flash 10.1 & AIR 2.0 via Beta 2 READ & RT #Flash #AIR #QUALITY

Flash Platform (flex/flash/air/actionscript) blogs from India

I have been maintaining a list of flex/actionscript/air bloggers on flex_india group. I updated the list today and I would be updating it again next week.

It’s nice to see more developers from India are blogging and sharing their knowledge with everyone. There are ( and always have been) very smart and cool developers in India but generally they maintain a low-profile or too busy with work or shy.

Check out the following list, I have used the names of bloggers instead of blog-title because it was for me to do so.

Flex/Flash/AIR bloggers from India

You can bookmark this link.

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Adobe Media Player – my thoughts

I started looking at the latest version of Adobe Media Player(AMP) available on Adobe Labs. I notice lots of improvements, be it user-interface or performance or content-coverage, that is, more feeds/videos are available to watch.

Lots of audio/video podcasts can be played in Adobe Flash runtime. I wrote some code to check if videos from Podtech, Diggnation etc, and it works without doing anything extra. All credit goes to new video/audio capabilities (H.264 and AAC) in Adobe Flash runtime (player/air).

The only thing I miss in AMP is to be able to add custom rss-feeds, for example, AMP doesn’t show Podtech and Diggnation videos for some reason, if I can add those feeds to AMP that would be great.

Over all, AMP is good piece of work.

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initRIA was cool

It was good to be at initRIA, I met many (known or new) people. The event went fine, we had some good sessions. The following list was the agenda:-

  • Data Visualization in Flex – Raghunath Rao, Adobe
  • Flash for Flex developers – Bhavin Padhiyar, SAP
  • RIAjaxified – Rakshith, Adobe
  • Designing RIAs with RC pattern – Yash Mody, TeknoPoint Multimedia
  • Building Live Documents – An online Office suite leveraging RIA technologies by Sumanth Raghavendra and Adarsh Kini, InstaColl
  • Optimizing Flex and AS3 – Mrinal Wadhwa, SAP
  • Developing Flex RIAs with Cairngorm Microarchitecture Debabrata Acharjee, CapGemini
  • Birds of a feather

We had couple of more session and some discussions (on Silverlight, AJAX etc) along with the above listed ones. I enjoyed most of the session, there is always something to learn. The most interesting session was by InstaCol guys, who showed us Live-Documents and also shared their experience with Adobe Flex.

I hope, all the slides/presentations (by everyone) would be uploaded to slideshare (preferably) or somewhere.

Around 130+ people were expected to attend (based on registration count) but it seems some fifty people showed up, which is not bad for something that was planned and organized in such a short time-span.

I feel, this is the first event, in India, which is focussed on the Flash Platform at the same time open for talks/discussions on all kind of RIA technologies. I am sure, next time (whenever it happens) we would have enough time to spread the word and developers from different RIA technology background can come up and share their views. As said, it was cool we had discussions on AJAX, Silverlight, AIR, Flex, Flash and RIA in general.

I managed to click some photographs, not really good quality due to my impatient and lazy nature since I have moved to Bangalore :-).Check out photographs.

Thanks to Mrinal Wadhwa of Bangalore FUG for taking the initiative and organizing the event. Thanks to Honeywell guys for a good venue with all facilities.

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initRIA – More seats available

There are more seats available for initRIA event, if you have not yet registered, you can register here. You can read more details on Mrinal’s blog.

Two more days to go and I am already excited to meet everyone. I hope, I would get well by then.

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Aviary tools: Adobe Flex/AIR based Rich Internet Applications (RIA)

I got to know about Aviary through a colleague. I looked at their site and realized, they have some amazing tools (Flex/AIR based), which are editors/generators for image, vector, 3d, video, audio etc. As mentioned, these tools are web-based (flex) and desktop-client (air).

I am yet to look at their tools which are accessible only on invitation. I hope, I would get an invite soon. Why don’t you check it out too?

This is one more example to show why entire flash/flex ecosystem is so cool.

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Adobe Flash Player’s Security-Sandbox is very restrictive

Adobe Flash Player Security-Sandbox is very good and we have not heard any major security vulnerabilities so far. However, I think,¬†it can be made¬†more intelligent, I have some use-cases where I can’t do anything.

XMLSocket API is cool, since it’s inception, developers could create¬†cool applications (multi-player games, chat-apps, presence-apps etc). XMLSocket¬†servers (unity, swocket etc)¬†is needed to¬†comply¬†with a¬†specification in order to work with Flash Player (as a client). Since developers are using/creating custom-servers, they could control various things on server-side, f.ex: configuring right security-permissions, serving right policy-file (crossdomain.xml) etc.

With Binary Socket API, in Adobe Flash runtimes, things have changed a lot. Applications (for Adobe Flash runtimes) can now connect to servers using standard protocols (POP3, SMTP, Databases, HTTP etc). Totally cool feature which allows creation of kick-ass applications (Yahoo! Web Messenger, mySql driver etc). But Adobe Flash Player’s security-sandbox is limiting Binary Socket’s capabilities.

I have been working on a library (as3httpclient)¬†to do more things¬†(http-status-messages, http-authentication over GET request,¬†support for more http-methods etc)¬†which are not supported by URLLoader API. This library (as3httpclient)¬†doesn’t work in deployed web-application because Adobe Flash Player’s Security-Sandbox restricts it to.

I have following questions/concerns:-

  • When URLLoader (or other such native APIs) can connect on any port, why can’t custom APIs (as3httpclient and others) connect?
  • Why can’t Flash Player¬†be little more intelligent¬†to check, if connection is made to a HTTP server? Rules could be:- If connection is requested to same domain and destination-port is¬†assigned to HTTP server, let communication happen. If destination server:port is in different domain, check for valid crossdomain.xml and allow the¬†connection?
  • Why¬†doesn’t Flash Player consider to-ports attributes, if policy-file is served over HTTP?

With standards, we expect flexibility. We can’t expect a HTTP server to push policy-file to Flash clients? That’s not standard.

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Adobe Flash runtimes support H.264 and AAC

Adobe has announced support for H.264 (codec) and AAC (audio) in latest update of Adobe Flash Player 9 Beta and Adobe AIR. I just read Tinic’s post, which is full of information. Some related links:-

I think, this would increase Flash Player usage on web. I am hoping that this update makes to release version ASAP. Future surely looks great…

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as3httpclient project update

Sometimes back, I posted about as3httpclient project which is an open-source http-protocol-library written in ActionScript 3, not yet completely done. Library has been updated recently by Erik, who has recently joined the project. It’s great to have him in the team.

Things that have changed:-

  • package name has been changed to* from*;
  • HTTPURLLoader class has been renamed to SocketURLLoader
  • Some more classes added.
  • ASDocs has been added.

Now as3httpclient can be used for:-

  • HTTP Basic Authentication without browser’s dialogue box
  • Adding custom or standard HTTP headers
  • Uploading files to server that requires http-authentication [new]
  • Copying bytes (of images/files downloaded using this library).

Two important features planned for future release:-

  • Support for more HTTP verbs (PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS, HEAD etc) – would be there soon.
  • Support for SSL or Secure HTTP – This feature might take sometime because it needs some investigation.

Please check out the project. I would love to hear your feedback/bug-reports/suggestions.

Please get back in touch with me [mail at abdulqabiz dot com], if you want to contribute to the project.

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